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5 social media marketing tips to employ today

Social media is a huge part of a startup's marketing - it's free, it's vast, and literally everyone is on there. So it's very likely that your business can benefit from a smart approach to social media.

Many of you have heard me banging on about how important it is to do social media right - my biggest tip is that you should be focusing on ONE social media channel, get to a point where you are really on top of it, and only then adding another one. There's no point in having profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, etc, if you never update them.

Here are five of my other top hot tips for how to use social media to your advantage!

1. Create content for each platform specifically

It's tempting to make a portrait-mode video and then post it on TikTok, Instagram Reels, and Facebook. But it's not a good idea. First off, duplicate content is not a great look. Second, your audience is not the same across these platforms, so it doesn't make sense to target them with the same content. Make sure you tailor your posts to the specific audience of each profile - even if it's only a slight change.

2. Don't be shy - show yourself!

There is so much competition in every industry out there, it's safe to say that one of your company's biggest assets is... you! Letting your audience get to know you, your passion and personality, and your mission behind your business will not only differentiate you from others, but will also let people become really invested in your brand. So don't be shy - share posts about yourself too! (keep them professional of course!)

3. Use small influencers

We all see so much influencer content online, it's easy to think that we, too, should have many many influencers with thousands of followers shouting about our startups. But that's not the case. Yes, influencer marketing is great, but you may need to spend thousands of dollars on getting the ones with the huge following, and they are not usually that effective. Focus instead on finding micro influencers. They are more likely to partner with you at low or no cost, and usually their communities are more tight-knit - their followers trust them more.

4. Build a community instead of constantly advertising

Speaking of communities, that's what social media is about - creating pockets and bubbles of people who come together because of something they have in common. Try to build that through your brand and company, rather than constantly pushing out promotional messages. Talk about the challenge you're solving, or the cause you're backing. That way. people will engage with you meaningfully, and trust your brand more when it comes to buying. Think of it this way - would you follow an Instagram account that just posts ads all the time?

5. Use live videos

Audiences really like videos, but they LOVE live videos. So if you are already okay with the idea of showing yourself (see point 2) then the next step is to suck it up and go live. People love the genuine, unscripted experience of a live video. Think about topics that your audience cares about, and pick a regular time to go live and talk about them. Soon you will have a community coming together to watch you live!

Of course there are tons and tons of resources out there about how you can use social media, but the above are my top tips that I think a young business should focus on.

Have you started using social media yet? What are some of your observations?

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