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Starting a business is scary

At least, for me it obviously is - I have been putting it off for years!

But what got me to finally pull the trigger in 2019 was the realisation that I have all the necessary tools to start my business and be successful - I understand branding, I have a clear idea of who my audience is, and I know how to reach them through my branding, online presence, and other marketing channels.

I want to bring these same tools and expertise to your business. New businesses rarely have the budget to hire a large marketing agency or an in-house team, yet that’s the one investment that would really help boost sales. That’s how I can help - I will use the skills I have built over the last 10 years to build your business’s digital marketing strategy, social media presence and most importantly, your leads.

So here I go - jumping in the deep waters and starting my own business! And I hope to help many of you with yours.

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