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A free tool to create your customer personas

Many of you have heard me talking about the importance of marketing personas, either in the marketing workshops or in a consultation.

The truth is, marketing personas are crucial to your marketing, because they will keep your messaging consistent and effective. That's also why your personas should be as specific as you can imagine!

For example - "busy moms" is not a persona. "Busy moms of two in London" is also not a persona. "Maria, a working mom of three. Works in a bank in the city of London. Likes yoga and crocheting. Her challenges are xyz" etc. That's a persona. Now if you are trying to sell something to Maria, you can more clearly picture what would capture her attention.

To help you create your personas - including an avatar! - I am sharing with you a really cool free tool by Hubspot:

Go ahead and try it out - and if you do, share your persona screenshot here, so we can all have a look and learn!

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