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All the ways you're losing time, money and potential

As I’ve mentioned in many of my previous blogs and posts, marketing is often the last thing on an entrepreneur’s spending list. With so many things to pay for and worry about, there is simply little space left for marketing. But just ignoring the whole thing is never an option, is it? So many business owners just quickly create some social media accounts, slap some content on there, and call it a day.

There are many risks that creates. And there are about a hundred marketing professionals readily available to help you, fitting any budget (hello!).

Here are the top five reasons to please talk to a marketing professional before you do anything silly and damage the potential of your business!

Don’t waste your money

If you don’t know how social media or Google advertising works, you could spend a lot of money before you get a single lead. A lead could cost you up to five times more than it would if you use proper targeting and customisation of ads.

The first thing many prospects say to me is that marketing is just too expensive. But it’s not if you know what you’re doing!

A marketing professional can help you understand your audience, how they behave online, and how you can get them to engage with you most efficiently. So while getting professional help is an investment, it will definitely save you money in the long term - and generate more revenue for you! You will see your cost per acquisition fall drastically, and stay there.

Don’t embarrass yourself online

Sorry, I know this one’s harsh, but I wouldn’t say it if I didn’t mean it. When prospecting I often see businesses doing the most embarrassing things online, and in my eyes you lose all your credibility if your online presence is inconsistent or full of annoying small mistakes.

Your online presence, especially if your business is a service or predominantly digital, is your shop window to the world - you cannot afford for it to be messy, unpolished, or nonexistent. You don’t want to be used as the “don’t do this” example in marketing trainings and presentations. And believe me, whenever we see a bad example, we use it.

The problem with these things is when you’re too close to it, you don’t notice the issues; but for a client it might be the one thorn they see. A professionals can help identify all these small details and prevent you from damaging your company’s credibility because of an online blunder.

Spend your time on actually improving your business

This one is simple.

A marketing professional is a marketing professional - she has spent years studying the field, reading all the information out there, creating brands, generating leads, improving sales conversions and growing revenues for many other business owners. You’ve subscribed to a free marketing blog. If you try to approach this alone, you will waste a lot of time sifting through contradicting advice or focusing on minute details that don’t matter.

A professional can very quickly identify the quick wins and find the best way to grow your business as soon as possible.

So don’t waste your time on trying to figure out something so complex by yourself, when there are people out there readily available to do it for you - or teach you how to do it for your needs specifically.

Nail the value of your company

It’s surprising how many entrepreneurs and founders actually don’t have a defined value proposition of their company. Sure, YOU know how great and unique your company is and all the blood, sweat and tears you’ve put in to it, but you haven’t necessarily figured out how to communicate this to your potential customers.

A professional will be able to study your market and audience, as well as the real value of your business, and define your unique selling points in a way that entices and tempts your customers.

Furthermore, nailing down your value proposition will become the basis of your persona and online communications - your entire digital existence will be tailored to truly represent what makes your business valuable, credible, and worth spending money on.

Set yourself up for future success

So a defined value proposition will definitely help you in the long-term by driving your growth and credibility. But a marketing professional can help your future success in many more ways.

I recently worked on an online product that had one very unique advantage - when they first started, they decided to collect as much details and usage data from their customers as possible, and catalogue all the data. A while later they identified a need in the market and were able to monetise all this information they had been collecting for years. This happened entirely because they had this insight early on, even though at the time they didn’t really need to be collecting the information.

That’s how a marketing professional can help you - if your strategy, analytics and tracking are all set up correctly now, it will give you clear visibility and help you identify opportunities in the long term. Same goes for more logistical issues - maybe you don’t need a full-feature CRM or a complex sales funnel yet, but one day you might, and if you do things correctly in the beginning, it will be very easy (and much cheaper) to set up in the future.

I am confident I can help you with all the above, and more - do you think you could use more leads, more time, and some saved costs? Message me today to see how I can help!

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