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Approaching brand and marketing

When you’re starting off your business and setting up your budget, brand and marketing often get the smallest portion, or are completely ignored. Similarly, it’s often the first function to go when an established businesses is cost-cutting.

I’ve seen a lot of small businesses limit their branding efforts to their logo. Your logo is not your brand - it’s simply the trademarked way you display your company name. This is a terrible mistake to make, especially when you are just starting off a business - a good brand can be the rocket fuel that helps you get established early on.

Your brand needs to create trust within your customers, convey your values, and most importantly - show us who you are.

The brand isn’t just the logo - it’s the gut feeling your target audience gets when they see your product/website/logo. To build your brand, you really need to think about who you are, what you do, and most importantly - why it matters. From there you can explore the ways to communicate that with the world.

Brand strategy is something I’ve studied religiously over the last ten years, and now I have created a package of services to help small businesses and startups get a good brand kick-off early on.

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