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Downloadable Instagram story templates

Hi all! Have found you a lovely little resource for your Instagram stories.

You may know that you are expected to post at least a few stories a day on Instagram, which can get super overwhelming very quickly. So this resource from Hootsuite provides 72 downloadable Instagram story templates that you can just start using when you need a bit of extra inspiration:

Here are some of the ideas that you'll get templates for: Happy birthday - post about the birthday of a team member, of a celebrity that aligns with your brand goals and values, or even celebrate an app milestone. Questions - post an AMA story with the Questions feature; make this about the topics most relevant for your brand, for example "Ask me about getting started with investing" or "What are your questions about being more sustainable" Quotes - easy enough! Share quotes that can inspire or motivate your prospects. Games - whether it's bingo, this or that, or something else, games are something very engaging to post - and hopefully people screenshot them to play along! Have a read through the linked blog and download the templates to see many, many more ideas. As always, let me know if you have any questions or would like to discuss your Instagram strategy!

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