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Marketing in times of isolation - top 5 strategies

People are self-isolating, companies are encouraging working from home, and whole countries are now on lockdown. In these times, a lot of people’s jobs are being put on hold.

But not the marketing team.

With numerous exhibitions cancelled, and the number only growing, companies are already refocusing their marketing budgets for the rest of the year away from events and towards digital marketing.

Now is the time for marketing teams to review their activity so far, reevaluate the investment of time and money, and find new ways to attract leads and generate revenue.

With less people outside, here are the top five digital marketing strategies to research and look into while you’re working from home, between episodes of Love is Blind:


I usually don’t encourage clients to spend too much time researching SEO algorithms, as they are constantly changing, but now is a good time to look into current trends. Also review your website - where is there content that you can beef up with some keywords, are there any paragraphs you can break up into bullets, are there any phrases connected to your business you can pepper around?

Online advertising

Save money from print media and exhibitions and put it towards Google Ads, Facebook ads, and sponsored content on Instagram and Twitter. Especially look into LinkedIn advertising and sponsored posts - you can target your audience with great granularity, making sure you are not wasting budget on unlikely prospects.

Social media

What social media channels are your clients using? Where can you find potential clients? Pick one or two social media channels and start creating and posting tailored, valuable content. You don’t need to be present everywhere - Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, Snapchat... You just need to master one or two.

Video content

Video has been growing in engagement for the past few years, and now, with everyone sitting bored at home, it’s finally time for you to jump onto the trend. If you have a fairly new phone you can film yourself explaining a concept from your industry, or if you don’t feel comfortable in front of camera, you can do a screen recording with a voiceover.


Maybe video is not for you. And maybe SEO is a bit boring. So solve both these issues by turning to blogs. If you don’t have a blog yet, adding one to your website should be straight forward - most website builders offer a simple blogging solution, or add a blank landing page for text. Write concise blogs offering advice on topics within your area - this will simultaneously boost your credibility and your SEO!

Bonus tip: do a video marketing consultation!

I am available online and ready to offer you tailored advice on how to move your business forward. Contact me today to get the conversation started!

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