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Use engagement to grow your Instagram

Instagram is obviously huge for many brands; if your product is B2C, you probably can benefit from using the organic and paid tools Instagram provides.

But it's often hard to build up your Instagram following. There's plenty of materials out there that can help you create high quality posts, and as long as you remember that not every post should be selling, you can continue improving. What I do want to talk about today though is actually engaging on Instagram. The algorithm doesn't just look at the quality of your post and how people react to it - it also looks at how you interact with others on Instagram. It's extremely important that you make yourself an important part of your Instagram community. You should be engaging with others, liking their posts and comments, leaving meaningful comments, responding. This shows Instagram that 1) you are a real person, and 2) you are not just there to blurt out content, you are also making the platform better. So here's a few things I want you to do ASAP with your brand's Instagram if you have one, or to plan for when you do set it up:

  • Search for a bunch of hashtags and pick 5 that have many posts (more than 1M) and 5 that have few posts (less than 500k). For bonus points, also pick 5 in the middle.

  • Take note of these hashtags (you can follow hashtags on Instagram now!) and every day comment on a few posts with each hashtag. This can be an emoji or a deeper opinion-based comment, just do it.

  • Tap through stories. Even if you don't want to read everything and interact with every single one, watch people's stories (we're talking people relevant to your industry and influencers, not your cousin)

  • React to some stories - answer their polls or send them an emoji - do something every once in a while to show that you aren't just tapping (even if you kind of are)

If you do the above consistently, you will start appearing in more people's searches and suggested posts!

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