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Why do people read blogs?

In my trainings we've talked about content marketing and maintaining a blog, and I know it can be time consuming! But blogs are so good for your website SEO, and a brilliant way to build your credibility and attract new customers.

I wanted to take some time to brainstorm about how you can use blogs to attract new customers, by getting inspired by why people actually read blogs in the first place.

So why do people read blogs?

1. To learn something

In a Hubspot survey, 33% of respondents said they read blogs to find new information and learn something they didn't know before. Whether it's about a life skill (How to make friends, Ways to save money), or just a question (How to edit a TikTok video), users rely on blogs to learn.

Think about what topics your brand is relevant to, and write some guides, step-by-step instructions, infographics, how-to's around those topics. Host them on your site alongside your landing page, and you'll see your rankings grow!

2. To be entertained

Think BuzzFeed. Their posts are usually just fun, or at least interesting or amusing. Users love wasting time on the internet and taking a break every once in a while to entertain themselves.

What can you write about to attract users that need entertainment? Have a think about what's going on in your industry - is there a viral trend you can jump on or address? Are there some cultural phenomena going on that you can talk about?

3. To learn about professional trends

And finally, the third top reason people read blogs is to learn things and trends related to their job. For example, I follow several marketing blogs to make sure I know about the latest news and tech changes.

Think about what your target audience does for a living, and see if it would be relevant to address these topics as your brand. This isn't for everybody, but can work really well if your product or service is related to people's jobs or the way they work (which could even be a social app, so don't dismiss the idea too quickly!).

I hope the above helps you think about some topics to write about! A blog is such a great opportunity to attract new people to your site and brand, you really shouldn't miss out :)

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